Bo and Quincy had a bad day on Tuesday. And they won't be enjoying the nice weather this weekend like you and I.

Because, they're in jail.

Bo Franklin and Quincy Melton were planning (I'm assuming) on robbing the Independent Bank, on Plainfield Ave. NE. According to, they texted each other about getting together, but then Quincy ran out of gas and had to get a friend to help him out. Finally, the two (allegedly) got around to robbing the bank. One of them put a gun to the manager's head and then told a teller, "Ma'am, give me all your money." So at least they used their manners. The robber got about $4,000.

But, Quincy's car was too nice NOT to notice. An eyewitness reported seeing a "black 3 series BMW with tinted windows and a sunset style State of Michigan license plate" speeding away. The next day, a Grand Rapids detective saw the vehicle at Quincy's house. When Quincy left the house, the cops stopped him and searched his house, where they found $1000 in a boot. Then, a friend of Quincy ratted out Bo. So, they got on Quincy's phone and found the text messages between the two AND found that Quincy had been looking for news stories about the robbery. So, they went to Bo's house and found the gun he'd used and $2000 in a mattress. Where I'm sure he'd thought it would be safer than a bank. 'Cuz sometimes they get robbed.


Here's the story. Enjoy the nice weather. (Sorry, Bo and Quincy)


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