Our friends at Michigan Out of Doors TV recently shared a photo one of their viewers sent in, on their Instagram feed. The photo is of a feral hog shot recently in northern Michigan. From some of the comments it looks like this hog was shot in Alpena County, between Atlanta, MI and Gaylord.

The hog weighed 297 lbs. Feral hogs over 300 lbs, anywhere, are rare, but getting more common. The most famous of them -"Hogzilla" (from Georgia, shot in 2004) -  was said to be 1,000 lbs, but after everybody doubted that number, National Geographic investigated and confirmed that he was a wild hog and weighed about 800 lbs. I haven't heard of any that big in Michigan, but the hog population is increasing and 300 lbs is nothing to take lightly. You never know what you might run into someday  on your way to your tree-stand.

Here's the photo of the latest Michigan kill.


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