The Perceval family, in Australia, auctioned off their house last week, for $2,060,000. But as the deal was being closed, the bidders brought up the fact that their daughter had fallen in love with Tiffany, the Perceval's four year old cat. The buyers asked that Tiffany be included in the deal. And to make it worth it to the Percevals, the buyers upped the price to $2.2 million. Which means Tiffany the cat is worth $140,000, or about $122,400 in U.S. dollars.

So how much is your pet worth? Here's the full story about Tiffany and the Percevals.

I would sell my dog Axel for far less than $120,000, but that plan was nixed yesterday after I talked about it on the radio and got the following text from my lovely wife:








Foiled again! And Axel - wipe that stupid grin off your face.


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