Here we all are - five months into the pandemic. We've seen EVERYTHING on Netflix. We've either learned how or become experts on cooking for ourselves - or we've become experts on ordering takeout online. There are no concerts or football games in our future right now. How else can we entertain ourselves?

How about teaching our dogs to "talk"?

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According to the Daily Mail, the latest "thing" during this strange time, is teaching our dogs to talk. And by that I mean using buttons on a board, linked to pre-recorded words or phrases.

The trick is to teach your dog which buttons to step on for the words they want to say. If the dog wants food, they press the "food" button. If they want to play, they press the "play" button. Speech-language pathologist Christina Hunger says she taught her dog, Stella, to communicate using 40 words. Kaili Smalley says it took her 18 days to teach her 8-year-old German Shepherd to communicate. My dog, Axel (see above) might have the patience to do this, I just don't think I do)

Apparently there are YouTube videos (of course) to show you how to train your dog and soon books will be out to walk you through this.

My question - do you have a dog that can do this already? Post a video on our Facebook page if you do.

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