After a year of transplanting wolves to Isle Royale National Park, in Lake Superior, from Minnesota and Canada, the National Park Service will be adding wolves captured on the mainland of the Upper Peninsula. According to, the first one from the U.P., a 70-pound male, made the trip via seaplane this week.

The National Park Service hopes to work with the Michigan DNR to relocate up to six wolves from the Upper Peninsula to Isle Royale this year. These wolves will join the 15 (after the one released this week) wolves already there, in an effort to bring the number on the island to around 30. And with 2,000 moose now on the island, the wolves won't go hungry. And less moose will mean the vegetation on the island won't get stripped bare. Again - a big win, except for some of the moose.

And yes - I have pondered the possible movie, "Wolves On A Plane", in which one of those things wakes up on the way over in that seaplane. I understand, it's no "Sharknado", but...

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