There seems to be an ongoing problem in Holt and the police are now asking for your help.

From the Facebook account of the Ingham County Sheriff's Office Delhi Division:

If you live in the Moorwood and Lockewoode Estates area,
Ingham County Sheriff’s Office Delhi Division has received complaints about unknown individual(s) egging cars. The incidents began about one month ago and continue happening. At this time, we have no information pertaining to the identification of the suspect(s). If you have information please contact Deputy Mary Hull at (517) 244-1827. If you see anything please call dispatch at (517) 272-6033.

My sources say that the roads affected in the latest egging incident involve Sanibel Hollow, Morano and Cartago. You know, a LONG time ago when I was in high school, we had a problem with egging and toilet papering houses and it got so bad that at one point the grocery stores wouldn't sell those items to then kids just started "forking" houses. (Putting plastic forks throughout the front yards. Yep, bored kids can be a problem.) Again, if you know anything, please call dispatch at (517) 272-6033.