I have no idea who came up with the idea to put glitter in Christmas card envelopes, but let me tell you...I'm not a fan.

I got back to work today from vacation and was catching up on my mail when I came across an envelope that sounded like it had gravel in it. Nope, not gravel...it was glitter.


Try opening a card filled with glitter not getting it all over everything...including yourself. It's impossible. And it sticks to you, too...until you start walking around. Then it flies everywhere.

I've been throwing off glitter today like Tinkerbell's wand at the beginning of a Disney movie.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the Christmas cards very much...I just hope in the future that whoever sends me a card holds the glitter.

Now here's the fun part. Later on tonight I get to go home and have a conversation with my wife that'll go something like this..."No honey, I swear I was at work all day. That's where the glitter came from...I promise, I didn't even leave the building."


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