This is the first Christmas for all of us dealing with Coronavirus and hopefully the last.  Numbers are surging across the nation, causing many to take a look at how the virus is being transmitted. It’s mostly from close contact with an infected person. We of course hear of many rumors on how to catch the virus, especially on social media. Facebook is one that monitors and deletes all misleading and wrong information.

One question that has been coming up is can you get COVID-19 from Christmas cards? And the answer from is probably NO.

In short, it would be "extraordinarily unlikely" that you would contract coronavirus this way. "The principle way in which we know the virus spreads is through shared air, and even though the virus does have the potential to live on surfaces, you would be at extremely low risk of contracting it from the mail," David Hirschwerk, MD, infectious disease specialist at Northwell Health, told Fox News via email.

If mailing a card or other merchandise, by the time it arrives, the virus would not be able to survive the journey. So that is the good news. If you are worried about it, though, just wash your hands with sanitizer after opening. And wipe down the card or gifts you receive in the mail. I guess until this vaccine gets COVID-19 under control we can't be too careful.

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