Since the weather was less than stellar this year for Halloween, there's a good a chance that you have some left-over Halloween candy that you never got a chance to give to trick-or-treaters last night. Or...maybe your little goblin got a little too much candy this year and you're looking for a way to make some of it disappear.

Whatever your reason, there's a great way to donate your extra Halloween candy that will help our troops AND could put a little money in your goblin's bank. It's a Halloween Candy Give-Back program called Operation Gratitude that lets people donate their extra candy. The donated candy is then included in care packages that is sent to our military members that are currently deployed.

Here in the Lansing area, Derksen Dentistry, located at 2410 Lake Lansing Rd, Suite 2 on Lake Lansing Road, is partnering with Operation Gratitude. Derksen Dentistry will be collecting your extra Halloween candy on Monday, November 4th and Tuesday, November 5th from 2 pm until 5 pm each day. They'll weigh the extra candy that kids donate at their office and for every pound of candy, Derksen Dentistry will give the child $1.00 (There is a $5.00 limit.) Plus, each child that donates candy will get a special gift and a toothbrush.

You can call Derksen Dentistry for more information at 517-371-5342. You can also find out more about Operation Gratitude by clicking here.

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