There's a couple of new trends that you may have seen (or soon will see) pop up in your neighborhood while we're in the midst of this coronavirus pandemic. Since there are MANY kids that are out of school right now throughout the United States, parents are coming up with some very creative ways to keep their kids active and 'social' while still practicing 'social distancing'. One of those ideas is have children make rainbows and then they hang the rainbows in the windows so that people can see them when they're driving by or out on a walk. You can read more about that by clicking here.

One of the other big trends is the neighborhood 'bear hunt'. According to the Today Show, "people all over the world are placing stuffed animals in their windows so that kids can go on “bear hunts” in their neighborhoods." Click here to see some really fun pictures of "bear hunts" that are taking place all over the country. Now, it's your turn--let's see some rainbows and teddy bears in those windows! And, be safe!

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