The Yankee Air Museum at Willow Run Airport in Belleville, Michigan is hoping you can help them out.

According to, 30 years ago, their Chairman, Ray Hunter, came across a photograph of a B-24 bomber that operated in the Pacific during World War II. The nose art on the plane had the word "Michigan", with a painting of a woman and the "Big House" - Michigan Stadium. For the last 30 years the museum has been looking for somebody who knew more about the plane, specifically crew members. Obviously, somebody on that airplane had a connection with the state or the University of Michigan - or both.

I've seen a lot of nose art in my time, either at air shows, museums or in books. I've never seen this photo. The museum would love to get the story behind the nose-art and they're hoping you can help. And now I'm kind of intrigued, too.

So, go ask great-grandpa, kids. Do it for me. Thanks.


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