Driving around the Lansing area the last few weeks I have noticed more help wanted signs and many trying to lure you inside to apply, by enticing you with a higher wage than their neighbor. Many are bars and restaurants,

Some employers seem desperate and are now hiring for at least $15 an hour.  Frankly, so many jobs available is welcome because all the folks that lost their job during the pandemic are still fresh in some of our memories.

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Here Is A Question For You

So, did you ever ask yourself who gets paid the most?  Or maybe even wonder what your doctor, hairstylist, mechanic, or chiropractor makes?  Are they paid enough?

According to zippa.com and The Bureau of Labor Statistics here are the top 10 highest paid careers in Michigan, something to pass along to your kids before they graduate or head off to College.

  • 10.Obstetricians and Gynecologists
  • 9.Nurse Anesthetists
  • 8.Orthodontist
  • 7.Psychiatrists
  • 6.Dentist
  • 5.Family Medicine Physicians
  • 4.Surgeons, Except Ophthalmologists
  • 3.Chief Executive
  • 2.Pilots/Copilots/Flight Engineers
  • 1.Anesthesiologists

Some of the other Careers that made the highest salaries in the top 50 in Michigan are Lawyers, Pharmacists, Business Teachers, Nurse Practitioners, Funeral Directors, and Sales Managers.

Are The High Salaries Worth it?

Ok, here is my take on High paying jobs, they are great and give you much more financial freedom. The question is are you going to also love your job?  I worked at a corrugated box factory out of High School for 4 years, made great money, but did not enjoy it. I quit and went to Broadcasting School.

Better to make less money in my opinion and enjoy your job. Nobody wants to dread going to work every day. Life is too short I say.

Would you rather go to a job you dread for $250,000 a year or go to one you love for 100,000 a year?

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