If you're a person who HATES spiders, then here's some good news for you! According to USA Today, Ford engineers have developed a new cylindrical "spider screen," to prevent spiders from crawling all over your vehicle--and YOU! The new spider-preventing technology is being installed on all Ford vehicles globally starting with the 2016 Focus RS.

I'll be honest, I had no idea that this was even a problem. But apparently, it's a big one. In the past few years, spiders have actually caused several recalls at Mazda and Toyota because the spiders cause fuel tank problems and they can also create problems with the airbags because of...well...an infestation. The yellow sac spider is normally the guilty spider in these cases because according to engineers at Ford, "it seeks out cavities to build cocoons for laying eggs or taking shelter and in vehicles, that often leads it directly to a fuel vapor line."

You can learn more about Fords and spiders with Banana Don this Saturday at LaFontaine Ford. Don will be there at a special time this week, from 10am-noon. He says to get there early because you'll want to get a good seat for the spider discussion. :)