It's "Star Wars Day". But you already knew that, right?

But you may not have heard some of the behind the scenes stories from the original trilogy of Star Wars movies. According to The Daily Beast, did you know:

1. When George Lucas showed his friends the first rough cut of the first Star Wars movie, the lights came up - and they were not impressed. In fact, his wife, Marcia, was in tears. And not because Obi-Wan was dead. The only friend who thought it would be a hit was Steven Spielberg. And that's why...

2. In 1977, right before Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind  opened up, Spielberg told George Lucas that Star Wars would be a BIGGER hit than his movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. George said he thought Close Encounters would be bigger. They finally decided that whoever had the bigger movie that summer, had to give the other guy 2.5% of the money he would make off the movie. Spielberg's made $40 million so far on that bet.

And 3. While they were filming The Empire Strikes Back, Carrie Fisher rented a house from Monty Python's Eric Idle. One night the Rolling Stones came to visit Eric. The whole band. What would you do? Exactly. Carrie called Harrison Ford and they got drunk and stayed up all night with the Rolling Stones. And then went to work - still drunk.

Here's the rest of the article with several more interesting facts.

Not as good as partying with the Stones all night and still going to work drunk, but....


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