UPDATE: The school will be considering different options for reopening that range from in person classes, to hybrid online and in person classes, to online only classes.  The final decision is expected to be made by June 22.

Grand Valley State University announced that students will be returning to campus for the fall semester despite a vaccine for COVID-19 not being available.

According to BridgeMI.com, the incoming freshman class was told by GVSU President, Philomena Mantella, that they would be joining the rest of the student body on campus for classes in the fall.  The reasoning behind the traditional classes is because GVSU has relatively small class sizes and only about a 1/4 of the student body actually lives on campus.

So far, the only other school in Michigan that will return to traditional, in person classes is Northern Michigan University.  Most other schools are doing a hybrid of in person and online classes.  With a few schools staying with online only classes for the fall semester.

Personally, I think it is a bit too soon to decide whether or not your campus will be open for the fall, and think it would be wise if schools had plans for ever scenario like a traditional semester, a hybrid semester, or an online only semester.

Do you think that campuses should open for the fall?

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