Yeah, I know - a lot of ag professors at Michigan State will call me an amateur for being excited about this, but - you're sure to wow your family at Thanksgiving dinner this Thursday, by standing up and declaring, "Green beans are a fruit!" And when they question you, you'll be able to get in their face with, "and so is that tomato, Grandma!"

Our evidence (you'll be asked for a source, I'm sure)  is an article from that sites Toby Adams, a director of the New York Botanical Garden. Toby says green beans are a "dry fruit". The article further states that tomatoes are clearly a fruit, but that the U.S. Supreme Court decided to classify them as a vegetable in 1893, because that's how they're described, "in the common language of the people". So, they clearly took the easy way out to avoid controversy.

And people still question if the U.S. Government is hiding evidence of crashed UFOs and alien bodies?! Wake up, sheeple! The Supreme Court denies that tomatoes are a fruit!

Anyhow, have a great Thanksgiving. And stand by your facts.


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