Granger Smith took to Instagram on Sunday (Feb. 13) to share some exciting career news: He's trying out his acting skills in a new movie, Moonrise, which he just finished filming.

"I spent about a month in Blanco TX with some incredibly talented actors & crew pouring a lot of hours and a completely different side of my creative brain into this character," Smith writes alongside a photo of himself on set with director and writer Vickie Bronaugh.

"In this pic, she's probably telling me like she always did, 'You got this,'" the singer continues, as he reflects on the feeling of stepping outside his comfort zone of music into another form of entertainment. "I didn't always believe that ... but I trusted her vision."

Smith goes on to explain a little bit of the plot behind Moonrise, as well as what initially drew him to participate in the movie.

"It's about a country singer who lost his wife and struggles to find purpose, redemption, forgiveness, embrace fatherhood, faith and ultimately the ability to love again," he continues.

Those are themes near and dear to Smith's heart: In June 2019, the singer and his wife Amber shared the devastating news that their 3-year-old son, River, died following a drowning accident at home. In the wake of that unimaginable loss, Smith and his family have been open with fans about each stage of their grief, and also been open about the complicated joy they experienced as they decided to get pregnant again, and ultimately welcomed a baby boy named Maverick last summer.

While Smith's personal journey isn't exactly the same as the one chronicled in Moonrise, the singer says he felt compelled to participate in the movie once he read the script.

"I remember getting this script back in Nov and I read the entire thing in one sitting on the porch swing," he says. "It's special. I've never acted in this way, but I fell in love with the character and knew that I had to do it ... or at least give it my best shot."

While Smith didn't have too many details to share yet about when the film will be out, he told fans he'd keep them posted, and also shared that he was busily getting to work on Moonrise's soundtrack.

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