Hello job seekers, new college grads (and parents) -

According to the Detroit Free Press, Google is expanding over the next two years in Michigan. They'll spend $17 million to expand its Detroit and Ann Arbor offices and "add new sales and technical support jobs". Ann Arbor is one of the main offices for their advertising business - Google AdWords. So, there's some money rolling through that location.

Right now, Google takes up about 170,000 square feet of office space in Detroit and Ann Arbor combined. That number will increase to 260,000 square feet - an addition of 90,000 square feet. Plenty of room to accommodate a LOT of new grads. (room you wouldn't be taking up in the basement)

Interesting side note: On Monday, Google Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat.visited Michigan. If you think the dream is to move to Silicon Valley to work, listen to what CFO Porat said. "As a company, Google is growing at a faster rate outside the San Francisco Bay Area than inside the Bay Area," she said.

How's that resume looking? Might want to get to work on that.

And - coasters. Please use the coasters on your mother's table.



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