Switchblades have been illegal in the state of Michigan for a long time, but, according to the Detroit News, that looks like it's about to change. On Thursday, the Michigan Senate approved a bill that would make it legal to sell and posses switchblade knives. Experts say they became illegal because of fears churned up by highly choreographed knife fights in movies like West Side Story (true) And, like the bill's sponsor, State Sen. Rick Jones says, “If a guy were in a gang fight today and pulled out a knife, he’d probably get shot.”

IMO, this is a step in the right direction. Of course, you probably won't be able to carry switchblades around everywhere. I've carried around a pocket knife since I was a little kid. But you can't carry them on airplanes or anywhere else with metal detectors, like stadiums and concerts. It's not like I'm carrying a Bowie knife, so relax everybody, I just need to open my mail or cut some fishing line. Maybe I like opening my mail at Tigers games.

The bill now heads to the Michigan House. And maybe they can give me back the knife I had to give up at the Metro Detroit Airport security line.


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