Today would be a great day to leave the office for lunch and then just kind of forget to go back until Monday...why? Well, it's SUNNY (and that hasn't happened a lot lately around here), it's the first day of summer and at 2pm today, you can watch the Michigan Wolverines baseball team play in the College World Series game against Texas Tech. The game--being played in Omaha, Nebraska--will be televised live on ESPN. If you're not able to escape the office and are close to a computer, you can also stream the game online by clicking here.

According to the NCAA, Michigan and Vanderbilt are both 2-0 in the College World Series, needing just one win to advance to the national championship series. Louisville and Texas Tech would need to win today as well as Saturday's if necessary game to advance to the finals. Click here to see the 2019 College World Series baseball bracket.

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