The last thing someone wants to do is put their snowmobile through the ice. However, it happens all the time in Michigan. Just know this, if it happens to you, it's going to cost you thousands of dollars in fines.

The U.S. Coast Guard recently issued a warning for owners and operators of any motorized vehicle that enters a waterway with USCG jurisdiction, may face thousands of dollars in civil penalties for negligent violation of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, specifically Clean Water Act 33 U.S.C. 1321.

This comes after they rescued a couple snowmobile riders who's snowmobile went through the ice at the Harbor Club North Marina in Macomb County. The big problem is of course is the release of oil and fuel into the water which is a major environmental issue.

Before you take your sled across the ice, be smart and check the thickness. You want to make sure the ice is at least five inches thick, that's the minimum. Obviously ice thickness can vary across a waterway.

Going through the ice is an extremely scary experience. If it happens to you, just stay calm and return in the direction from which you came if possible.

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Source: MLive

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