The Putnam family, from "the thumb" of Michigan, has scored their own TV  show (called Meet the Putnams) and it debuts tonight at 10PM, on the TLC network.

According to the Free Press, the Putnams live in Huron County, located in the thumb of Michigan. And the entire family - 10 adults and 15 kids, all live under one roof. That's Mom and Dad Putnam, the four adult Putnam kids and their spouses and their fifteen kids. Two of the sons are doctors and the other two kids are involved in the family business and, according to the article, the dad explained that "they were so busy working, being married and having kids that they really didn’t have time to buy their own homes". One of the events that will be followed in the first season will be the family's move from their 5000 square foot home in Pigeon,MI (with only two bathrooms!) to a new, 34,500 square foot house in Caro, MI.


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