Last night after watching another episode of Family Feud, (I LOVE STEVE HARVEY) I thought I'd check to see what some of my other options were on tv. Well, this grouping of shows seemed very interesting. Let's analyze, shall we:

First on the list, Secrets to a Dancer's Body. Well, umm...that wasn't going to happen...

Second, Dr. Ho Relieves Back Pain. Umm...excuse me?! This sounds like something that should be listed in a different section of channels, as does New P90X Revolution...(if you know what I mean...) ;)

Another option, Confessions Of A Clean-A-Holic. For anyone that has been in or seen my house, it is OBVIOUS that this channel has NEVER been watched by me!

Next, Carnival Story. Well, let me tell you that I grew up in Centreville, Michigan where the "Carnival" was held every September at the fairgrounds. I already have some "carnival stories." I certainly don't need to see anymore... :)

Safest bets: Highway to Heaven and finally, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline. You can NEVER go wrong with some Johnny and Patsy!

And just for the record, by what's shown in the photo it would appear that I was going to select Healthy Desserts in Seconds! Please know that I didn't watch that either. I soon lost control of the remote and ended up having to watch the Notre Dame/Syracuse basketball game...