It's summer in northern Michigan. All of Michigan and a fair share of the rest of the the nation (including some of America's and Canada's most beloved celebrities) are trying to enjoy the end of one of the strangest summers ever. And sometimes they're making poor or questionable decisions. Local law enforcement handles a lot of these issues, but sometimes, the first responder to one of these "situations" is a Michigan DNR Conservation Officer.

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Such is the case in northeast Michigan, near Alpena. According to the TheAlpenaNews, DNR officers have been busy lately. The following are "slightly edited" versions of the DNR's official reports:

CO Jon Sklba was on patrol in Presque Isle County when he was passed by a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. CO Sklba utilized the patrol truck’s radar to get the vehicle’s speed. The vehicle was traveling 98 mph in a 65 mph zone. The out of state residents claimed the discrepancy was due to the driver usually driving a truck. 

I'm not surprised. I sometimes forget that I'm in a GMC pickup truck and not a General Dynamics F-16 fighter jet. It happens. Next up - Captain Raccoon:

CO Paul Fox was patrolling Tomahawk Flooding in Montmorency County for marine and fishing activity. CO Fox pulled up to a vessel and immediately noticed a juvenile raccoon running about the deck of the vessel. CO Fox inquired as to why the occupants had a raccoon on board their boat. They advised they rescued it as a baby and were raising it themselves. Upon further questioning, it was determined that they did not have a permit to possess the animal, failed to turn it over to a licensed rehabilitator, and transported the animal across several county lines. The animal was seized. The subjects were educated on the laws pertaining to possessing captive wildlife.

You did NOT take away their pet "trash panda"! Especially one with "sea legs".You did?

Bears, dogs, dirt bikes and arguing campers. These poor Conservation Agents see a lot more than people fishing without a license.

Here's the story - with more DNR reports. See if you recognize any friends from their report.

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