Cadbury has been hosting tryouts for three years in a row now in an annual process to find the next "Clucking Bunny" mascot for their well-known Cadbury Crème Egg commercials.

This year, we here in the Mitten were lucky enough to have a pet from our home state to root for, Blondi the 19-year-old, palomino mini horse from New China, Michigan!

Blondi sported a tutu and cute little bunny ears; however, according to MLive, that was not enough for the judges and voters to choose her over Betty, a young Australian White's Treefrog who lives in Stuart, Florida.

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While we are sad for our Michigan-made gal pal Blondi, we are still pretty proud of Betty for hopping her way to the top, beating 12,000 other participants and making Cadbury Bunny history!

Not only is Betty the first amphibian but, MLive reports, she is also the first female to be selected as the mascot for the commercial that will air nationwide this spring.

“Thank you to all of our amazing finalists in the Cadbury Bunny Tryouts this year and congratulations to Betty the frog, our newest Cadbury Bunny!" Cadbury Brand senior associate brand manager, Trevor Jakubek said. "We are so excited to pass the coveted ears to her and know that she is going make a great addition to our Cadbury Bunny hall of fame."

This is also Betty's first Easter so that makes her win all-the-more special as she gets to experience all the glitz and glamour that comes with being the 2021 Bunny Tryouts Winner.

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