Blockbuster Video, a staple of our youth has returned… sort of. In Detroit somebody recently put up a free blockbuster video where people can rent VHS tapes or DVDs for free, kind of like the book boxes you see around town; It's a Take A Movie, Leave A movie concept. They even started a Instagram to announce that they have “returned,” saying:

The store is open feel free to sift through the return box while we get the store ready for the day.
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OK so maybe Blockbuster isn’t returning per se but hey it is a start. And with the recent loss of family video, I know a lot of people are bummed that rental places are going under. Back in the 90s blockbuster video basically ran the entertainment world in terms of rentals. During this time you saw a lot of other chain rental stores opening up like family video and even one dollar rental places. I was lucky enough to have grown up in an area that had all three are.
But as time went on in the introduction of streaming services became more convenient and available, people started going to the rental place is less and less. It wasn’t long before even a titan like Blockbuster video was eventually dethroned and put in a place where they could no longer make ends meet. There is only one block buster known to still exist and it is in Oregon. The Blockbuster Box is located at 2468 Riopelle, Detroit MI.

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