How's your green thumb, because mine is terrible. I've always been jealous of those people who have a beautiful garden or a house full of plants.

Between my short attention span and my cat being a trash panda, eating anything and everything, I've managed to fall short in the plant department. The only thing I've been able to keep alive is a cactus and that's because it requires minimal water and my cat can't eat it.

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If you're like me and you've struggled to keep your plants alive or run into any issues, Michigan State University Extension has a free Lawn and Garden hotline you can call.

Some of the most frequently asked questions are about trees. People will call the hotline if trees have been knocked down during a storm or if they need help identifying a tree. However, they receive a variety of questions from insects to at home vegetable gardens.

MSU Extension has been offering free diagnostic services to help anyone with plant problems since the 1980s. It originally started out as a landline with office hours and has evolved into a twenty-four hour toll-free hotline in the early 2010s.

The hotline is usually staffed five days a week but since the pandemic started, it's now available three days a week. The Lawn and Garden hotline is open for questions 9 a.m. to noon, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. However, the online Ask and Expert form is available 24/7, with a 48 hour response time. If you have questions, you can call 1-888-678-3464

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