The Detroit Free Press announced on Monday afternoon that Detroit Tigers great, Al Kaline passed away at his home in Bloomfied Hills. Kaline was 85 years old. The fan favorite and Hall of Famer played all 22 years of his baseball career with the Detroit Tigers. There will be a block of special programming today on FOX Sports Detroit to honor the baseball legend. There will be a Facebook live discussion starting at 6 pm. According to the FOX Sports Detroit Facebook page, the rest of their programming is as follows:

  • ‪7pm: Legends of the Olde English D ‬
  • ‪7:30pm: Remembering Mr. Tiger‬
  • ‪8pm: 1968 World Series Game #7‬
  • ‪10:30pm: Remembering Mr. Tiger‬

If you've never had a chance to watch it before, here is Al Kaline's Hall of Fame Speech from 1980.

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