If the name Morris Peterson sounds familiar, it's probably because he's a former Spartan! Peterson helped MSU win the basketball National Championship in 2000. Now, he's working on a new challenge... opening his own restaurant!

Peterson's restaurant is set to open in Flint is Spring of next year, and according to MLive, he's all smiles. The name? "Mo Pete's Sports Reatreat". I love it! it just rolls off the tongue. And the motto is fun too! "Mo Food. Mo Sports. Mo Fun!" You can expect the menu to be focused on "New American" food at affordable prices.

If you're a fan of sports history, particularly Michigan sports history, you'll definitely want to schedule a stop at Mo Pete's Sports Retreat. Peterson will be showing off all kinds of sports memorabilia including the Red wings, the Lions, the Tigers oh my! and more! Including some of his own personal mementos from the MSU Flintstones! Read more about his restaurant here, or check out the video below to get a sneak peak into his new digs.

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