Daniel Osmer has come back to Michigan to find out more about his 36 pound Russian meteorite. And before you roll your eyes at the word "Russian" - according to MLive.com, it's been checked out by a professor of geology at Central Michigan - it's legit.

Osmer, who's originally from Grand Rapids but lives in California now, heard all about the Edmore, Michigan meteorite found last year, after years of being used as a doorstop. That 22 pound meteorite was from Michigan. Daniel's meteorite is said to be from one that fell in Siberia in 1947. Daniel took it to Mona Sirbescu, the same professor of geology at CMU who authenticated the Edmore meteorite. She confirmed that it is a meteorite and probably came from the 1947 Sikhote-Alin meteorite.

Osmer will sell the meteorite and use some of the money to fund a financial literacy program for kids he runs. First lesson for those kids? Find a big meteorite, because this one is probably worth way north of $100,000.

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