I love food trucks. Who doesn't love a big large motorized car or truck bringing food and drink where ever you are. Maybe ice cream, some have frozen or prepackaged food, but the best ones have kitchens and make the food fresh from scratch. When I was living in Florida, there were some amazing taco trucks. Yum.  I also worked at a station where a different food truck would show up every day at noon.  What can I say I love to eat.

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Get Ready To Eat Every Tuesday

Well, this is fun, Food Truck Tuesdays are back in Jackson says according to fox47news.com. Hungry folks are very excited about the comeback at Jackson’s Horace Blackman Park and are ready to pig out from local food trucks.

Jackson Downtown Development Authority Director Cory Mays says after a year off due to COVID, they are ready for their 3rd year.


We had a lot of different restrictions we were ready to put in place such as spacing trucks, masks required,” Mays said. “We were even going to remove all of the picnic tables so we wouldn’t encourage people to stay and sit. Thankfully the numbers have been moving in the right direction and the governor has lifted a lot of the outdoor restrictions. We were able to make it look like a lot like it did in the past.

Horace Blackmans Park Every Tuesday

So get ready to join Hundreds of folks with live music, food, smoothies, and coffee.  Let's have some fun and fill our bellies with Food trucks at Horace Blackman Park from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. every first and third Tuesday of the month through August.

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