Have you ever had a craving for a certain food or snack and then when you go to get it, it's either poorly made, no longer being sold, the place is too busy or the machines are down? Cause same. I don't know about you but when I have a craving for something, my mind is set. I mean, we all saw how crazy the world went when Popeye's had a chicken sandwich shortage last year. Then this year, Taco Bell got rid of a ton of menu items including their potatoes, and I'm still upset about it. But it's fine, everything's fine.

Well, you never have to worry about having to bounce from the McDonald's on North Cedar Street to South Cedar Street because the McFlurry machine is down. According to The Verge, a 24 year old software engineer created a website that tracks every McDonald's ice cream machine across the country. The website is called McBroken.com and has an interactive map that tells you whether or not the McDonald's nearest to you currently has ice cream.

If you're a foodie like me and don't have these apps dowloaded on your phone, you need to. They come in handy and you'll no longer be waiting or disappointed.


One of my favorite things about Zomato is that it tells you restaurants that are currently trending in your area. You can also book a table and filter everything from cuisine type to ratings.

Happy Hour Finder

Had a bad day and need a drink? You no longer need to remember or guess who's happy hour is at what time. You can search to find out and check on restaurant deals.


This is a great app if you have any vegetarians or vegans in your family and you're not sure where to go. You can adjust the mile radius and see what restaurants have options or find vegetarian/vegan restaurants in your area.

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