Here in Michigan, we see our fair share of interesting weather alerts throughout the year from the National Weather Service. During the winter months, there's usually a bunch of Winter Weather Advisories or Winter Storm Warnings. We've also had Fog Warnings, High Wind Warnings, Flood Warnings, Thunderstorm Warnings and this year we even had a warning about "heart attack snow." However, we've NEVER had a warning like the one issued for people in Florida.

The National Weather Service issued a warning this week for residents in certain parts of South Florida to be on the lookout for falling iguanas. That's right, because the temperatures in parts of Florida could drop into the 30s and 40s, iguanas literally could be falling from the trees today. The official warning from the National Weather Service is posted below. If you know anyone who lives in the Miami area or Fort Lauderdale area, you might want to share this with them...or just give them a hard time about their weather like they tend to do to us during the winter.

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