Since 2020 has sucked *not been that great*, we decided to do a little Flashback Friday to 2019 when our listeners were having much more fun. This week on the Banana and Stephanie Facebook page, we asked listeners to go through their photos and post a picture of what they were doing around this time last year.

And we got all kinds of great pictures! Some of our listeners were traveling to other states to celebrate their wedding anniversary, while some were on their way to get married. (Like my niece.) And a lot of our listeners were spending time with their families, enjoying the great outdoors, watching some sports and even going to a concert! (Remember those?) Check out the great photos below and thank you for sharing them with us--let's hope that this time next year, we'll be back to 'normal'!

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Flashback Friday for the first week of May in 2019 with the WITTLE Family


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