It's not a plane, and it's definitely not Superman.

Unlikely Bird Reported on the East Side of Michigan

This time, it is a bird that was spotted. However, it's probably not a bird you'd think you would spot in Michigan.

A very unlikely fowl was spotted on the east side of Michigan...

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According to MLive, a flamingo was spotted "near Sebewaing River Campground, about 40 minutes northeast of Bay City."

Flamingo Spotted in Michigan for the First Time

And this pink guy is not believed to be a zoo escapee, instead this is believed to be a wild flamingo. However, we're still waiting on the confirmation to come from state birding record committees.

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If confirmed, this would also be the very first time that a flamingo is reported to have been seen in Michigan in the wild.

This hot pink feathered friend is believed to have been brought our way because of Hurricane Idalia, which "pushed up large flocks of the tropical birds from the Caribbean in late August.

Flamingo Sightings Across the United States

This sole flamingo in the only one to have been spotted in Michigan so far. But this is one sighting of many across multiple states. So far, 17 states have reported sightings of flamingos, including Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Texas, Alabama, and more.

The American Birding Association is keeping track of the sightings associated with Hurricane Idalia. If you would like to read about more sightings and see pictures, or if perhaps you're interested in being a "birder", you can read more HERE.

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