Are you a fan of period piece dramas like Bridgerton or Downton Abbey? Who could blame you? The steamy romances, the costumes, the elegant's easy to get lost in that world.

If you are a fan of series like the ones mentioned above (as am I), you'll understand why this mansion in New Buffalo, MI is so eye-catching.

Sitting at 48009 Ridge Road in New Buffalo, this home is currently listed for $4,450,000 by Chad Gradowski at Coldwell Banker Realty. He can be reached at 269-469-3950.

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This breathtaking mansion includes:

  • 9 Bedrooms
  • 9 Bathrooms
  • 6 Fireplaces
  • Wet Bar

And a front-row view of Lake Michigan.

If you think the outside looks like only royalty should live there, just wait until you see the interior. I swear, they could use this property as the setting for the next installment of Bridgerton (or whatever period piece is set to release). Take a look!

Fit for Royalty, Check Out This $4 Million Mansion in New Buffalo

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Incredible, right? I just want to sip tea with some fancy Duke who will, of course, end up falling in love with me and will whisk me away to some mansion by the sea. A girl can dream. See the full listing on Zillow.

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