This is the time of year where we don't get enough sun and tend to stay indoors a lot more. Some folks even suffer from seasonal depression. I like to tan once a week in the winter to feel the heat and put a little light in my day. I pretend I'm on a beach. Plus I like to get some color in my face. I also force myself to go out and do something even If I would just rather stay in the house and watch TV. It has to be something fun.

Check this out from on ways to find joy during this Michigan winter. We need to find joy in the little things. Here are some examples:

  1. Dive into a good book. This will let your mind escape for a while.
  2. Create new experiences. Try something new and make a new memory.
  3. Mark the happy moments and appreciate good times as they are happening.
  4. Practice hygge, which is a Danish word for a way of living, the pleasure in everyday things.
  5. Spend more time in the kitchen.
  6. Acknowledge that nobody is happy all the time.

I like the spending time in the kitchen part. I am cooking more and making healthy meals, and you know what? I am enjoying it, and it gives me something to do especially on the weekends. Sometimes I prepare meals a few days ahead, which makes my life easier. And yes I do believe we can't be happy all the time, which makes the good times way more special.

What fun things do you like to do in the winter?

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