The last 12 months have been incredibly tough for all of us dealing with COVID-19. The stress is so unhealthy for you and the folks close to you. It's overwhelming for kids and adults alike. The good news is there are ways we can make it better or eliminate it from our lives.

I was reading this from the Lansing State Journal, and I found it really interesting because it says a lot of stuff I personally have been doing to deal with, being tired and stressed during the pandemic. Here are some tips to cope:

  • Set yourself up for sleep success.
  • Get up and get active.
  • Take time to reconnect with an old friend or family.
  • If you are working from home, set up a home office and separate the two. 
  • Learn new stress reduction techniques like mediation and breathing.
  • Start a post-COVID-19 “bucket” list.
  • Get professional help if you need it.

I was pretty stressed and tired over the holidays. I was missing my daughters and friends in another state and was frustrated, as we all are with this pandemic. So I reached out to my doctor. She gave me some great advice and vitamins I was missing. Also some great eating tips that really helped me as well as some mediation techniques.

The good news is I feel good now, and I think we all feel better now that is 2020 is behind us. I am feeling very optimistic as well that we are soon gonna beat this pandemic. Seems we are sure headed in that direction with the vaccines and what we have learned the past year.

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