Fata Morgana was in St. Joseph, Michigan on Saturday night. Yes, someday when my media empire is strong and my artist management company takes off, I WILL have an all female band on my roster named "Fata Morgana". But that moment is not now.

Fata Morgana is a weather phenomena - basically a mirage formed by temperature inversions and something known as atmospheric ducting. Radio waves and images bounce off layers of the atmosphere allowing them to travel huge distances. According to the Weather Channel, on this past Saturday night, it was this phenomena that allowed people in St. Joseph, Michigan on the east coast of Lake Michigan to see the skyline of Chicago - sixty miles away. They weren't really seeing the true Chicago skyline - just a reflected image of the skyline.

Pretty cool, anyway.

And stay tuned for updates on the upcoming "Fata Morgana" concert schedule.


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