How many hundreds of thousands of photos do you think were taken at the Faster Horses Festival Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

That's not a trivia question because I don't know, nor do I think anyone could know, the answer...

However I would think that between the professional photographers, the really accomplished photography enthusiasts and Average Jane's and Average Joe's who have a camera on their phone like me, the number of images shot over the weekend on the grounds and surroundings of Michigan International Speedway had to be astronomical.

Just think, if everyone who was in attendance at all of the different places and events took just one photo each day...see what I'm saying here?

If you attended Faster Horses this weekend we hope you had a great time, made some great memories and got some great photos to remember those great times.

Take a look at the photo gallery above and see some good times and some great photos of some of the artists up close. These photos were taken by my friend and colleague Mike, who is a broadcast executive by profession and also a really terrific photographer.


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