Michigan's summer has really been a scorcher this year. We've seen some extremely high temperatures and humidity. If you've been struggling to keep cool so far, you'll finally feel some relief this weekend with some fall-like temperatures.

After weeks of temperatures in the 80s and 90s, and skyrocketing levels of humidity, this weekend is going to feel drastically cool by comparison. The cooldown starts overnight from Friday, August 12th into Saturday the 13th. Lansing will see temperatures get down to the mid-50s through the overnight. And don't expect temps to warm up very much Saturday and Sunday.

Lansing's Weekend Forecast

WILX reports that we'll only see temperatures get into the low 70s on Saturday. However, the Weather Channel only has the high temps getting into the upper 60s for Saturday. Keep in mind too that both WILX and the Weather Channel are reporting decent chances of rain throughout the day; the perfect kind of weather to rock a hoodie and relax inside with a good book.

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Sunday isn't too different. While the chance of rain is less than on Saturday, temperatures are only expected to reach the lower 70s. Those are truly some fall-like temps, and fall is still over a month away!

Don't worry though, if you prefer the warmer, summer-like weather, it will return on Monday with temps getting back into the upper 70s; it's a very short-lived fall-like weekend.

I can't wait for fall! In my humble opinion, it's truly the best of all the seasons. And to prepare for it, I have a very important question to ask you...are you team pumpkin spice or team apple cider?

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