Caution, don't watch this video early in the morning when you're hungry, you will begin making a beeline to downtown Detroit to check out Iggy's Eggies.

The walk-up restaurant opened at the end of 2018 near the corner of Griswold and Grand River. The restaurant is only open for breakfast and only serves egg sandwiches.

The menu is pretty simple. Choose the bread, cheese and meat to pair with an egg and you're good to go.

Carb choices are english muffin, brioche and biscuit. Cheese is American, Cheddar or Swiss and protein includes bacon, sausage (vegan sausage available) ham or turkey.

The plain egg sandwich runs $3.50 while the full meat and cheese treatment is $6. The restaurant is a side project to burger joint Lovers Only, according to Eater Detroit.

A drool-inducing video tour of Iggy's Eggies was shot by


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