If you've noticed a lot more electric scooters on the streets of East Lansing - get ready - this is just the beginning. According to WLNS.com, Bird Scooters are being ridden by 600 people every day in East Lansing. You have to be 18 years old and have a driver's license to ride one. You unlock the scooter with a QR code on the app. It's a dollar once it's running and 15 cents for every minute after that. You can ride them on the street or in bike lanes - but NOT on the sidewalk.

The Birds will be joined by Lime scooters soon, but they'll all be gone once winter arrives. Presumably to return in full force in the spring. Need some extra cash? Every night people find the scooters and get paid to recharge and return them to the street. (Which appears to be tougher than advertised - at least in bigger cities. Maybe East Lansing's different)

Of course, all this will prepare us for the day the scooters are joined by electric, driver-less cars, which, it's said, will operate in pretty much the same way.

This morning, our phone caller, "Liza", wondered what happens if you have more than one stop on your scooter trip. Do you get to keep or reserve your scooter until you're done - or can somebody nab it from it's parking spot - forcing you to find another open scooter? Help us out in the Facebook comments section. Thanks.


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