I LOVE to eat.  It's one of life's pleasures and one of God's gifts in my book.  Now I have never been what most folks call skinny.  I try to eat healthy foods and I do a lot.  I also like to eat things that are not necessarily good for me, but in moderation.  If you do eat candy or junk food you need to do it in the same way, in moderation.  I also do like eating at night in front of the TV. I know it's not the best time or is it?

According to Insider.com eating late may not be bad for you.

Researchers looked at 41 overweight adults over the course of 12 weeks. Half the participants ate most of their calories before 1 PM, while the remainder ate a majority of calories after 5 PM.  All the participants ate the same healthy, pre-prepared meals throughout the study. By the end of the study, participants from both groups had lost weight and had lower blood pressure, regardless of when they ate. That suggests eating early didn't have any advantage.

I think that's great,  but metabolism and the way different people are wired may have something to do with it as well. Bottom line is a healthy diet and regular exercise is important and a few cheat days my doctor says will not hurt me. I enjoy eating my popcorn and other snacks a few nights a week in front of the TV.

So do you tend to eat more at night? Also do you have any delicious healthy snacks you cans share? I sometimes mix organic peanut butter and low fat cool whip which is low in calories and it has protein.

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