Typically, October 10th is recognized as Columbus Day; a day recognizing/celebrating Columbus and his famous voyage that helped open the way for America to be settled by Europeans. This year, East Lansing won't be celebrating Columbus Day. Instead, East Lansing has replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous People's Day!

According to the State News, East Lansing's City Council passed the resolution during last night's meeting. And East Lansing isn't the only city to have made the change. Other cities celebrating Indigenous People's Day include Ann Arbor, Traverse City, Albuquerque, and Minneapolis.

Many who support Indigenous People's Day say it's a better representation of East Lansing's values than Columbus Day is. Columbus Day has a lot of controversy surrounding it, especially because of what the man who inspired the day did. No, not his famous landing at "the New World", more having to do with all the people he enslaved.

So instead of celebrating Columbus on October 10th, East Lansing will use Indigenous People's Day "to reflect upon the ongoing struggles of indigenous peoples on this land and to celebrate [their] thriving cultures...". Read more about the change and Indigenous People's Day HERE.

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