Chicago is about to get some East Lansing flavor.

Eater Chicago reports that East Lansing eatery, Conrad's Grill, will be opening up shop in Chicago. If you've done some drinking in East Lansing, chances are you've probably stopped at Conrad's to grab a grilled wrap to help fend off the next day's possible hangover.

As "the home of the Original Tot-Wrap", Conrad's takes tots; along with other ingredients like meats, cheeses, veggies, and sauces; and grills them up inside a giant tortilla. Soon, those giants wraps will be served up in Chicago's Wicker Park. The Chicago location will pay homage to its East Lansing origins by sticking with "Michigan State's green and white colors".

Investors hope to open an additional "three to five Conrad's in the Chicago area", but this first one is expected to be open sometime late this fall. To read more about East Lansing's Conrad's opening a location in Chicago, click here.

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