If you've been to downtown East Lansing recently, you know it's going through a massive change. As of right now, new high rise (for East Lansing) buildings are popping up everywhere. And the biggest and tallest is yet to come.

According to EastLansingInfo, the new $190 million Park Place project will get its first public hearing at East Lansing’s Planning Commission this Wednesday evening. Park Place will (if approved) be on the west side of Abbot Road, across from City Hall. (Say goodbye to Dublin Square - at least in it's present form). Park Place will be 15 stories tall in places. Creating a lot of shade for people who live in the Oakwood neighborhood. If the project goes through, East Lansing will get more condos, office space, movie theaters and more parking - including automated parking.

AUTOMATED PARKING, people. I can't wait.


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