Only in Ohio would you have a slow-speed police chase end with a drunk Amish guy hitting a police cruiser with a buggy.

Ashtabula County Sheriff’s Department recently released dashcam and bodycam footage of a strange DUI incident that happened in Orwell, Ohio on May 14th.  Orwell is a tiny town with less than 2,000 residents, just East of Cleveland.  Local law enforcement had to call the County Sheriff's Department for backup as they couldn't get a runaway buggy under control.

The police soon learned that the runaway buggy was carrying a passed-out 21-year-old Amish man.  The bodycam footage below shows the slow-speed chase of the horse and buggy unfold as an officer discovers the slumped-over young man with a beer can next to him.

Flashlights as well as police lights did not wake the man up.  Officers yelled at him and even turned their sirens with no success.  A county Sheriff's deputy attempted to stop the buggy by blocking the road.  The horse tried to go around but ended up hitting the deputy's cruiser.  The whiplash of the crash tossed the man out of the buggy which finally woke him up.

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You may be wondering what I'm wondering.  Are Amish people allowed to drink?  The short answer is no.  Most Amish orders forbid drinking.  However, we are not the Amish police.  Amish or not, you can't operate a vehicle while under the influence.  That is why this 21-year-old is now facing OVI charges.

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