If you ask me, and well, no one did...New Year's Eve celebrations are getting crazier and crazier.

Example #1: In Indiana, former Indiana House Speaker, John Gregg, will preside over the city of Vincennes' annual watermelon drop. Gregg will pull a cord that will release 15 watermelons from a giant man-made watermelon hoisted high above the city at midnight. (You can read more about that from the Sun Commerical, by clicking here.) By the way, this is the 7TH! year they've been dropping watermelons.

Example #2 comes from Pennsylvania. The town of West Fairview plans to drop a 7-foot-tall nail as the clock ticks down Wednesday night. The 50-pound nail is a tribute to a defunct local mill that once employed many residents. This is their 1ST! (and maybe last depending on how things turn out) year that they've dropped the nail for New Year's. (You can read more about that event from the Sentinel, by clicking here.)

Examples #3 and #4 come from neighboring towns of West Fairview. In Mechanicsburg, they play to drop a giant wrench and in the town of DILLSburg...you guessed it...they're dropping a huge pickle. Get it...? DILL...pickle.




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