The Last time I traveled I checked my luggage and it dawned on me that I put my wallet in my suitcase for some reason, Luckily I had my driver's license in my phone sleeve.  I was so thirsty and I did not have any cash. It was an hour before my flight, and yes all the drinking fountains in the airport were shut off because of COVID19. I say it is about time to turn on all the water fountains in Michigan, especially now that summer is here.

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Wetting Your Whistle at The Park

Ha, here is some refreshing news, According to after being off for 15 months, drinking fountains in all Lansing parks will now be turned on, this from the city's Parks and Recreation Director. If you remember they decided to shut off the over 30 drinking fountains in parks throughout Lansing in March of last year because of COVID-19.

The city decided to shut off the 30-plus drinking fountains in parks throughout the city in March of last year because of COVID-19. This is the next step, I think in another the step in that road of recovery and we’re more than happy to provide that to residents,” Kaschinski said. City officials say all of the fountains are expected to be turned on by July 4.


Are You A Water Snob?

Now don't get me wrong I can be kind of a water snob. I like my water ice cold and am a fan of Fiji water.  I rarely drink tap water and when I do it is through a Brita water filter that I keep in the fridge.  Will you have a problem drinking out of a water fountain as the Pandemic winds down?

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